Friday, 14 November 2014

There and Back Again! A Long-Awaited Update!

Oxford, UK
Hello dear friends! I'm finally back after such a loooong absence. So much has happened since my last post last Easter. God has been very good and faithful. Yes, I can truly say that 'hitherto hath the Lord helped [me]' (1 Samuel 7:12). 

So, I guess I owe you all a little update. 

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First of all, the biggest update is that last August I finally finished my BA degree in History and Politics! The graduation ceremony is scheduled for next year still, but I'm definitely done! It's been a long and wearisome four years, but definitely all very worth it! Praise the Lord! I just feel so relieved to have that all behind me now. I've just reached another important milestone in my life and, now, I'm looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me for the future. As an aspiring historian, more history study is expected. In fact, I'm planning to do my BA Honours next year, if the Lord wills. I'm still praying for His guidance regarding my thesis and all that, though. It'll be a great deal of work, that's for sure, but an important thing to do.

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For the time being, though, I'm trying to find time to relax a bit and 
do a bit of catch up on a lot of things I've missed on during the last four years. I've started some sewing projects and a knitting project; I'm continuing my singing lessons; helping mum around the home more and learning to be a better homemaker. I've also taken up quilting for the first time! It's a challenge but I'm eager to learn. I'm also continuing decorating work on my younger sister's, Dollhouse, by adding curtains and lights! Christmas is coming up soon, too, and I've got some craft projects on my mind. Meanwhile I'm trying to catch up on some leisurely reading. There are just so many books out there waiting to be explored! At the same time I hope to refresh my spiritual life and my relationship with the Lord, with more devotional reading. Yes, it's a lot of stuff. I've really missed that creative side of me with all this study. It's a really welcome break. 

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Hopefully, I'll be posting more updates on these projects! (Don't you like this picture on the left? Sweet, isn't it?!)

Another important thing that happened during this time, last July to be precise, I went with my family on my very first trip to England! It was a long and very hectic trip, yes, but an amazing and very exciting experience for me. We stayed in London, Oxford, and Cambridge, about a week in each. I loved England and I would love to visit again someday! (more on my UK trip in another post, Lord willing...please stay tuned!)

London, UK

Finally, during this time, my dear grandmother (Dad's mum) passed away. She was the last surviving grandparent. We all miss her very much. Our comfort is that she is in a far better place, with no more sorrow or pain. With Christ it is far better indeed! Our hope is that we will see her again one day, through God's Grace and mercy! I'm thankful for the sweet memories I have of her. She's inspired me in a lot of things, particularly in my love of singing, storytelling, and interior designing. She was great in all these and I appreciate her encouraging me in them. 

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So, this is all for this update! I hope this will restore my momentum in blogging after this absence! 

Granny's favourite hymn, 'What a Friend We Have in Jesus!'

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