Mount Beauty, Vic., Australia.
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Hi everyone!

I'm Sarah. I'm so glad you've stopped by to visit. I live in beautiful, sunny Queensland, Australia! I'm a Christian. I Love the Lord Jesus because He first loved me and died for me on Calvary to give me eternal life. He is my Redeemer, my Friend, my Heavenly-Bridegroom. I'm twenty-something. I'm a homeschool grad. I'm also a Uni History student. I'm the eldest of four sisters. I like to think that I'm a Hobbit at heart! I LOVE stories (especially His Grand Story and how He fits us in it). I love simple things. I also love the profound, the mysterious, and the transcendent - that 'thing' inside us that longs to fly above the material world around us and reach out to our Maker in order to fill that God-shaped void in our hearts and lives that He alone can fill and satisfy. I'm a reader (at least when I get the time these days!!). I'm a singer and developing guitarist. I love designing and creating beautiful things. I'm a Tolkien/Lewis Lover, too, by the way!

This blog is a means for me to share with you those things that mean a lot to me, the things that God is teaching me on my journey of life, and the way I see things around me. I hope it will be a blessing to you, too.

I praise the Lord for His goodness and mercies to me which never fail.

'To God be all the Glory!' - That is My Tribute!


  1. Very nice blog..... I really like it.

    1. Thanks, BJ! Glad that you do! :)

  2. Totally loved reading your posts! Wish you'd post more on ur blog!


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