Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's Christmas At Polyvore!

One of my favourite pastimes is to create some beautiful and artistic fashion sets on Polyvore. I always love the opportunity to be artistic and creative. I've been making some Christmas sets and thought it'd be nice to share them with you. Hope you like them.

It Reminds Me of Narnia...

It Reminds Me of Narnia... by of-simple-things

This set is one of my favourites. It really reminds of Narnia. I did not intend it to be so at first, but as I was trying to give a name to the set, I just saw it! Narnia!! I think it would be something close to what Susan would wear.

Children's Smiles at Christmas Time

I love the smiles of those two beautiful girls. I love the tartan, too!!

Christmas Red Country Church

Christmas Red Country Church by of-simple-things

This is another of my favourite sets. I did it for a small Group Polyvore contest. I love that little red church against the snow. I also love that Dolce & Gabbana dress with it's delicate embroidery and folky look and feel.


A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol by of-simple-things 

I just saw this picture of Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol and I just had to create something for it! I found this tartan dress and this old coat - they perfectly fit a Dickens sets! 


Red and White Christmas Treats!

Red and White Christmas Treats! by of-simple-things 

A red and white Christmas set with a pretty red and white Dolce & Gabbana dress. 


Warm and Cozy Christmas

Warm and Cozy Christmas by of-simple-things 

This picture with it's decorated and warmly lit window just emanates Christmas warmth, coziness, and welcome, doesn't it? I love the dress here, too. Another Dolce & Gabbana dress. 

An Elegant Vintage Christmas

An Elegant Vintage Christmas by of-simple-things 

I love this vintage set! I just love this coat!!


I hope you enjoyed these sets. I find that the sets often 'make themselves' so to speak. I always look for artistic inspiration when I'm working on one. If that doesn't come, I never force it. With these artistic sets I also aim for the artistic in the fashion items I use and I don't note the price tag!! They just make me daydream, I suppose! 

Well, I'll hopefully come back with more Christmas posts in the next few time allows during this busy week! Till next time. God bless and Merry Christmas!! 


  1. <3 LOVE YOUR SETS, SARAH! <3 Merry Christmas :).

  2. Mm lost first comment I think. Happy God blessed Christmas to you and all your dear family. Thanks to you and yourdear mother for parcel which is under the tree. :)
    Very interesting and fun world of clothes eh?? Shaz in Oz.x


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