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Cry of Hope - New Book Reveal!

Today I have an exciting announcement! A lovely blog friend, Emily Chapman, is publishing her debut historical novel, Cry of Hope!! It's so exciting and I'm really honoured to be part of her book reveal (or the Scavenger-Hunt Book Reveal Party, I guess it could be called). The book looks really interesting and I can't wait to read it! So, without any further ado, I present...Emily Chapman and her book...


When a voyage to the New World is thrust upon young, unwilling Hope Ellison, her carefully built ideals begin to slip from her grasp. Clinging to the tattered shards of her once contented life, she embarks on the perilous journey with her family, caring not for the reason they are taking such risks in the first place and fearing the fate for her future. Yet, even her fears are unprepared for the trials ahead, and soon she comes face to face with choices that will define her view of life entirely.

Being the writer of a historical novel, one often has a mind full of obscure bits of information stored up. Usually they come flying out when the writer wishes to impress someone, though the reaction is generally that of disinterest. Anyhow, considering there are other history buffs out there, I've decided to let those historical oddities come shining through. To make it even more interesting, Sarah and I thought it would be fun if I created a quiz. Prizes are rather . . . ah, nonexistent for this little contest, but brownie points, virtual hugs, and a personal shout-out on my Facebook page and blog will satisfy you readers, won't it?

There are two separate quizzes I've created, though the first focuses primarily on obscure facts and the second one focuses on things I've written in the book itself. Prepare your mind for some strange Pilgrim knowledge. So it begins . . .

History That You Didn't Care About

1. True or false?
Beer was considered a nutritious drink, while water was actually considered unhealthy.

2. True or false?
The pastor of the Pilgrims' congregation, John Robinson, stayed behind in England.

3. True or false?
Constance Hopkins was but a child of eleven when she boarded the Mayflower with her family.

4. True or false?
Constance Hopkins was often referred to as 'Constanta' rather than Constance.

5. True or false?
Lummelen was a version of hide-and-seek that the children would play.

6. True or false?
The Speedwell leaked three times before they finally left her behind.

7. True or false?
The first Indian to introduce himself to the new settlers was a man named Tisquantum, or more commonly known as Squanto.

8. True or false?
“Puritan” was a derogatory term in the early 1600s.

Oddities in Cry of Hope

(Question One)
Which real-life character do you suspect Hope finds most exasperating in the book?

1. Constance Hopkins
2. Francis Billington
3. Mary Chilton
4. None of the above

(Question Two)
Which animal is most often mentioned?

1. A cat
2. A dog
3. A milk cow
4. None of the above

(Question Three)
Which Indian do you think Hope becomes friends with?

1. Squanto
2. Massasoit
3. Samoset
4. None of the above

(Question Four)
What is Hope's mob cap called?

1. A mob cap (duh)
2. A coif
3. A kerchief
4. None of the above

(Question Five)
Which real-life adult did Hope interact with the most?

1. Priscilla Mullins
2. Elder Brewster
3. Goodwife Hopkins
4. None of the above

(Question Six)
Which selection of languages is present in the book?

1. Just English
2. English and Dutch
3. Elvish
4. None of the above

(Question Seven)
What did Hope sleep on while on the Mayflower voyage?

1. A bunk bed
2. A hammock
3. A blanket on the floor
4. None of the above

(Question Eight)
Which real-life child is not mentioned in the book?

1. Constance Robinson
2. Francis Billington
3. Mary Chilton
4. None of the above

Comment below with your answers!  Have you any other obscure historical bits of information in mind?  If so, do share!

Don't forget to enter for the Giveaway (an autographed copy of Cry of Hope for winners), please put this Code into the Rafflecopter link below: It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.

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Emily Chapman is a homeschool student living with her large family in the southeastern United States.  Besides writing, she enjoys exercising her imagination through dance and a dabble of photography.  A firm believer in summertime, bare feet, and Neverland, Emily can often be found daydreaming or reading or (all too often) skimming the Internet for nothing in particular.  A young, imperfect girl saved by the Son of the Creator, she is adopted into God's family of beautiful souls.  You can follow her on her blog or like her on Facebook.  Her debut novel, Cry of Hope, is now available for purchase on Amazon and CreateSpace.

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